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獨家代理英國品牌 Exclusive Distributor

Certified to TUV GS BS EN1004

Euro Towers在供應鋁製移動式棚架和通道等高空工作設備、有近30年的經驗。

Euro Towers是英國領先的移動式鋁質棚架及通道設備的製造商,可為高空和低高度可折疊設備和工作平台提供商業解決方案,以滿足不同家庭和工業用戶的需求。

Euro Towers are celebrating nearly 30 years of success in the working at height industry with our aluminium scaffolding towers and access equipment.


Euro Towers are a leading UK manufacturer of mobile Aluminium Access Scaffolding Towers, access equipment, providing solutions for commercial working at height and Low Level Folding Units and Podiums, to meet the requirements of both domestic and industrial users.




Guardrail Tower

Certified to TUV GS BS EN1004

Euro Towers 預設圍欄式移動工作台是安全組裝移動工作台的另一種解決方案。防碰鬆脫的預設圍欄裝置需要操作員先下降至下層平台並卸下上層平台,才可卸下該上層圍欄裝置。



特殊設計的護欄裝置可與我們代理的Euro Towers其他的標準移動工作台配合使用。

The Euro Towers TAMPER PROOF Advanced Guardrail Tower is another solution to safe tower assembly. 

The Tamper Proof Advanced Guardrails cannot be removed without descending and removing the platform first.


The ergonomic design lends itself to quick easy assembly and provides collective fall protection before the operator accesses the platform and cannot be removed before the operative descends from the platform.


The specially designed guardrail units can be used in conjunction with our standard Euro Single and Double Width Towers.


獨家代理英國品牌 Euro Towers

​Exclusive Distributor for Euro Towers

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